• My back was completely shot after being pregnant with 3 large children. keeping up with them quickly made it from bad to worst. Finally after years of ignoring the pain I sought out dr Brad and Dr Max. They immediately identified the problem and determined a plan to get me functioning properly again. After my first visit I noticed a huge difference in my movement. My lower back was my source of pain they really worked through all of the connecting bones to realign it so the pinching pain in my lower back eased up. It was literally life changing. I don’t know why I waited so long. I am seeing them once a week, twice if my mom schedule permits. I also highly recommend the massage.

    Kris T. Avatar
    Kris T.
  • My family and I have been receiving care from Dr. Max Lippman for 3+ years now. We are highly satisfied with his professionalism and the outcome we receive. He is a patient listener, personable and knows his subject well. His unfailing ability to find us back to our health keeps us going back to him.

    Samesh B. Avatar
    Samesh B.
  • Whether it is a long term injury or a sudden muscle spasm, the Doctors and Massage therapists at Plaza Chiropractic are always able to leave me feeling like a totally new person.

    Max, Brad, and Angela are wizards with their hands!

    A G. Avatar
    A G.
  • Max is very thorough, professional, knowledgeable and caring. He fully assesses overall wellness and speaks with you in depth about your health history and symptoms before doing any treatment. The staff is just as friendly and caring.

    Karen R. Avatar
    Karen R.
  • Plaza chiropractic and massage is the best! The staff is always so friendly and helpful. I’ve been getting massages from Maria for over a year now and I can’t imagine going to anyone else. She’s the absolute best!

    Eleni L. Avatar
    Eleni L.
  • Moved here from NJ a little over a year ago and one of my biggest concerns was finding a good chiropractor. I’ve tried many in NJ and landed on one that I’ve used for years who has helped me through many back issues. Looking online for one close to our home but relying on others feedback online, I would say I am greatful and glad to have found Dr Brad and Dr Max. Both have exceeded my expectations thus far and I would highly recommend. They even helped my dad out who was visiting.

    steve g. Avatar
    steve g.
  • I've been to tons of different Chiropractors throughout the years and Dr. Max is hands down the best chiropractor I've ever been to. I can't recommend him enough. He incorporates both bone and muscle work with his massage therapy background to give a holistic approach to body health/alignment. He can target *any* ailment on the body and is a fantastic teacher. He is seriously a body wizard.

    When I started going to Dr. Max, I was a complete wreck from sitting at my kitchen table as a work surface for 15+ hours/day during COVID lockdown. I was in constant pain, and didn't think I could recover back to a normal healthy body. I started going to Dr. Max 1-2x a week with a package of sessions and once those ran out, we figured out a financial plan that worked for me. I now am feeling 100% better, stronger, looser, and wiser 🙂 and go see him every few weeks just for routine maintenance after I feel locked up. He helped recuperate me to my fullest capability.

    Dr. Max is the BEST!!!

    Lauren F. Avatar
    Lauren F.
  • Dr. Max and the massage therapists do an amazing job. I am a fitness coach with a history of sports injuries that had slowed me down. Regular visits here keep me working, feeling great and enjoying hiking, pickle ball and other activities.

    Peggy L. Avatar
    Peggy L.
  • Wonderful office and staff! Felt very safe coming here during this pandemic. Quick to be checked in and seen. Saw them cleaning in between patients. Feeling better already:)

    Jennifer L. Avatar
    Jennifer L.
  • Dr Lippman is the first ever chiropractor I have gone to and so far the experience has been great. He has been helping me with the pain on my right elbow and after a couple of visits, what a difference! Front desk was awesome too! Thank you.

    Gigi C. Avatar
    Gigi C.
  • I just recently became a new patient of Dr Max and I cannot express enough how much he helped relieve my pain in just 2 visits! My main area of concern was severe nerve pain radiating in my right arm from the shoulder down to my elbow. It was excruciatingly painful... pain I’ve never experienced before ever! It started a few months ago and progressively got worse! I was taking 4-6 Advil a day it was the only thing that helped me to not wake up screaming out of a dead sleep at night! I am now taking about 1-2 a day and some days none at all as I am still experiencing some issues with the nerve pain. I also had upper back and neck pain from past car accident injuries that Dr Max helped me with. I am now able to get a decent night sleep and function properly throughout the day! Thank you Dr Max for helping relieve my pain to a much more manageable state! I highly recommend seeing him if you have any neck and back injuries or even nerve issues like I did! Also, I just want to mention how great all the staff is there as well! They are very welcoming and accommodating to your schedule!

    A G. Avatar
    A G.
  • Dr Max and Dr Brad are some of the best! They have helped me so much getting my body back in alignment and feeling good. I love their positive attitudes and eagerness to help people with their craft. 10/10 would recommend.

    Elizabeth B. Avatar
    Elizabeth B.
  • I have to be honest. I went to see Max for the first time in so much pain hard to turn my head because of my neck. Scared to death to have my neck cracked. Max worked his magic and to this day I feel great with his help. I highly recommend you to visit him you won't regret it. Thank you Max.

    Valerie F. Avatar
    Valerie F.
  • I have been struggling with neck and shoulder pain since I went back to swimming. Amazing how after just one session with Dr. Max, I feel so much better! Front office staff great with getting me in quickly and overall, I had a great experience.

    Laura C. Avatar
    Laura C.
  • It’s my very first try on Chiropractic treatment in my life, and I was a little skeptical about it at first. The real life change speaks for itself. After the first treatment and I had the best sleep that night. My shoulder pain was gone. I cannot wait for my next visit. I am a dental hygienist and I have a faith now not to end my career due to the pain.

    Min H. Avatar
    Min H.