• My family has be going to Dr. Max Lippman for many years. He helps us to feel much better after his adjustment.

    Lily V. Avatar
    Lily V.
  • After feeling pain in my foot for more than a year and a half 2 x-rays and 3 physicians later I decided to give a Chiropractor a chance that’s when I found Dr. Maxwell I’ve seen him twice and I can tell my foot is about 90% healed. If in doubt do not hesitate to book an appointment with him he can work his magic to help you feel better. I’m so thankful I can trust him. Thank you Dr. Max!

    giorgia p. Avatar
    giorgia p.
  • Amazing people, great environment. I always feel like a million bucks after leaving. Today I received an adjustment after being off for a couple months and can’t wait for this upcoming work week. Dr. Brad is fabulous as well as Dr. Max.

    Jennifer M. Avatar
    Jennifer M.
  • Brad and Max are absolutely the best in healing all my body pains.
    Ann and Maria provide excellent massages.
    These team members go the extra distance to help people feel better.

    Tom M. Avatar
    Tom M.
  • Dr. Max is not only hilarious and personable but talented and effective. I came to this practice with a shoulder problem that requires a total replacement. As I can't have this done for quite a few more years, Dr. Max was faced with helping me save my neck, back, and arm from the intense pain that has mounted over the last 13 years. Within the first 3 sessions, I am already feeling better relief in my neck, greater range of motion with my shoulder, and more satisfying neck cracks on my own! I highly recommend going to see Plaza Chiropractic for any challenge you may have as Dr. Max did what I thought was impossible!

    Devon C. Avatar
    Devon C.
  • Dr max is the best! He is professional and tries to improve your overall health. He is very friendly and has helped me several times with a variety of issues. I would recommend his practice to anyone in need of chiropractic help!

    Scott F. Avatar
    Scott F.
  • Today was my first appointment and I can feel the difference right after my first sitting. Dr. Max is very knowledgeable and amazing Chiropractor I highly recommend this place .
    Thank you Dr. Max and my friend Kanwal who refered me here🙏

    Bina A. Avatar
    Bina A.
  • Dr Max is the best. He's a great Chiropractor and really knows his job. he has a great personality to go with that. Also the staff is fantastic.

    Charles B. Avatar
    Charles B.
  • Whether it is a long term injury or a sudden muscle spasm, the Doctors and Massage therapists at Plaza Chiropractic are always able to leave me feeling like a totally new person.

    Max, Brad, and Angela are wizards with their hands!

    A G. Avatar
    A G.
  • Highly recommend Dr. Max. He was able to get me right in, assess my situation and was able to get me on the fast track to feeling better.

    Patricia B. Avatar
    Patricia B.
  • Dr Max and Dr Brad both are amazing! Their front desk staff are also very patient and accommodating. I have been seeing them for past couple years. Their expertise in adjustment made a great difference🙏🏻

    Sarah F. Avatar
    Sarah F.
  • Longtime headache, neck & back pain sufferer decided to get back into chiropractic care and more intentional massage to address these issues. After discussing my issues and goals, Dr. Max got right to work and I literally felt immediate relief from my first adjustment. I had immediately following the adjustment, which was quite convenient, and I loved how she focused on my problem areas without getting tunnel vision. I look forward to progressing with my chiropractic treatment and receiving regular massages to get these aches and pains under control.

    Amanda H. Avatar
    Amanda H.
  • Super nice ppl , very professional and clean . I feel so much better since I been going to doctor Brad

    Kenza B. Avatar
    Kenza B.
  • Going to Dr. Max was one of the best decisions I have ever made. He listened so diligently to my concerns and talked me through each adjustment. I have been to 2 different chiropractors before him for several months each and I can already tell he is doing more for my body than the others did in the time I was there. One of the best things about Dr. Max is that he does so much more than just back and neck adjustments, he really understands the whole body and is willing to put the effort in to understanding your needs. I cannot recommend him enough!

    Angelyn B. Avatar
    Angelyn B.
  • Max is very thorough, professional, knowledgeable and caring. He fully assesses overall wellness and speaks with you in depth about your health history and symptoms before doing any treatment. The staff is just as friendly and caring.

    Karen R. Avatar
    Karen R.