Max Lippman, DC

Dr. Max Lippman of Plaza Chiropractic and Massage Therapy in Danville, California, incorporates muscle work into many of his treatment plans, something he’s been doing since starting as a massage therapist in 2006. As a 2009 graduate of Life Chiropractic College West, Dr. Lippman is specifically trained in sports rehab, myofascial release, auto accidents, and work-related injury prevention.

Providing chiropractic care to children and teens is something Dr. Lippman truly enjoys. He has a long history of working with young people. He started working as a camp counselor at age 13 and mentored children and teens in various capacities throughout the years.

A native of northern California, he grew up in Arcata, California, about five hours north of Danville, and currently lives with his family in nearby Livermore, California. Dr. Lippman serves as president of the California Chiropractic Association for his local district.

Today, Dr. Lippman continues to use his extra muscle work to ensure his patients recover faster and more completely and feel better for longer. Since exercise, nutrition, and attitude are key to recovery, he makes sure to discuss those lifestyle components.

Whether he’s treating a runner needing to evaluate her gait, a baseball player with scar tissue limiting his throwing motion, a three-year-old needing a sacrum realignment, or an office worker who needs core strengthening in order to sit up straight, Dr. Lippman makes sure he and his staff evaluate and correct the issue. He tailors his care to his patients and their specific needs, taking a multi-faceted approach to chiropractic care.

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Maria Navarrete

Maria has been a certified massage therapist since 2009, leaning on her fantastic intuitive touch combined with over a decade of experience. Her strong hands, impeccable skill, and masterful intention will loosen up knots quickly, while causing you to relax and deceive deep therapy at the same time.

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Lani De Los Santos

Lani has been working with elite athletes for professional sports teams for over 10 years. Her specialties include deep tissue sports massage with assisted stretching, combined with some ashiatsu. She now brings the same talent that the 49ers and Warriors have experienced to our Blackhawk practice, and is ready to help you reach your health goals.

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Sigrid Kleinerman

Sigrid practiced physical therapy in Colombia for 10 years before coming to the United States and starting her massage career. She gives a firm, knowledgeable massage focusing on correcting bio mechanical dysfunction and releasing tension.

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Jean Rose Laquindanum

Jean Rose is currently working with the 49ers while also being a featured therapist for the last 2 years at PCMT. She specializes in sports massage and myofascial release, bringing an intelligent approach with an intuitive touch.

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Valeria Amaya

Valeria is a current staff member of the 49ers and in the process of studying to be a doctor of physical therapy. She focuses on firm pressure and stretching during her sessions, with a strong sports massage focus. She believes in treating the patient not only with passive therapy, but encouraging stretching and dynamic movements between sessions to fully heal from injuries.

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Katy Hayes

Katy has has 3 decades of experience working as a massage therapist. She is a trigger point specialist, finding the root of referred pain and getting the muscles to lengthen and restore normal biomechanics. She is incredibly intuitive – just one of those people that you don’t even need to tell where it hurts… she just knows. She’s worked in Blackhawk at the Blackhawk Country Club for years and now is a cornerstone of our wellness practice.

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