A Note from Dr. Max:
Want to know how your first visit with me will look and feel? Let me walk you through the process 🙂

The Consult:
When you arrive, you’ll meet with me, Dr. Lippman, and we will have a consultation. We’ll talk about what you’re feeling, how it started, your overall health history, and most importantly, how your condition is impacting your life and what your goals are in the office. I’ll listen to everything you say, and we’ll make sure that we thoroughly understand not only what your pain is, but also WHY it’s important for you to get better.

We’ll then talk about how treatment will feel, what I’m looking for, and how I correct the issues you present with. If I think I can help you get to your goals, and you think I’m a good fit to start getting you to move forward, then we’ll move to an exam. If I need to refer you to a different practitioner, then we’ll make the referral at that time.
The Exam:

The exam is relatively simple, finding areas of your body that aren’t moving correctly, holding too much tension, or not firing right. We’ll check range of motion, individual joint mobility, neurology testing if needed, and we’ll end up painting a picture to show why you’re not feeling your best. It mostly is me feeling your spine with my hands, and we chat back and forth about what you feel when I gently apply pressure in different areas. The exam is painless, except when we are trying to recreate your complaint with different motions.

The Treatment:
I specialize in getting your body moving better through chiropractic adjustments, muscle work, stretching, and strengthening. If we don’t need any X-rays or MRI’s, then most of my patients get adjusted on their first day. As you get treated, the expected result is that you’ll walk out of the office feeling significantly better than when you walked in.

The Recommendation:
Depending on the severity of your complaint, we’ll figure out what the next step is.

Visit to visit: $90/ visit (for those that only need a few visits)
4 Week Protocol
8 Week Protocol
12 Week Protocol
16 Week Protocol

How do I determine these qualifications?

I look at the following info:

  • Traumatic Onset
  • Pain Severity
  • Frequency of most severe pain
  • Range of motion
  • Muscle Tone
  • Radiation of pain

Depending on these qualities, we’ll be able to determine a wellness score, which will help us determine what care you qualify for. This will indicate how long it will take to get you to where we determine your final goal to be.

The majority of my patients fall into the visit to visit category or mild care plan. About 20% are moderate, and less than 5% are severe.

If you’re utilizing insurance, we’re happy to verify what your out of pocket costs will look like. We accept United Healthcare, Sutter Select, UMR, and Medicare as an in-network provider. We accept Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Cigna, and Aetna as an out-of-network provider. Kaiser, Healthnet, and MediCal are HMOs that we are not in-network with, so there are not any benefits available at our office (but you can still come see us!).