Massage is the perfect way to take care of yourself, whether the goal is to relax or to receive more of a therapeutic style of massage. All our massage therapists have tons of experience, and are trained in a multitude of techniques to bring you to higher level of performance and relaxation.


  • 30 min – $70
  • 60 min – $110
  • 90 min – $150
  • 120 min – $185



Maria Navarette

Maria has 8 years of experience with massage, and has a fantastic intuitive touch. With strong hands, impeccable skill, and a masterful intention, she can loosen up knots quickly, while causing you to relax and receive deep therapy at the same time.

(Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)


Lani De Los Santos

Lani has been working with elite athletes for professional sports teams for over 10 years. Her specialties include deep tissue sports massage with assisted stretching, combined with some ashiatsu. She now brings the same talent that the 49ers and Warriors have experienced to our Blackhawk practice, and is ready to help you reach your health goals.

(Monday, Wednesday, Thursday)


Sigrid Kleinermann

Sigrid practiced physical therapy in Colombia for 10 years before coming to the United States and starting her massage career. She gives a firm, knowledgeable massage focusing on correcting bio mechanical dysfunction and releasing tension.

(Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday)


Rocco Perez

Rocco has been working in the health and fitness industry since 2006. He began his professional career as a personal trainer and became a massage therapist in 2016. His career allowed him to work with a variety of different clients and athletic teams, such as the San Francisco 49er’s. In addition to this, he also possesses a bachelor’s degree in exercise science and starts his master’s in athletic training program later this year at the University of Idaho. He is certified in Active Release Technique (ART) for both upper extremity and lower extremity His specialties include: ART, fascial stretch therapy, neuromuscular therapy, and trigger point release.

(Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday)



Jean Rose Laquindanum

Jean Rose is currently working with the 49ers while also being a featured therapist for the last 2 years at PCMT. She specializes in sports massage and myofascial release, bringing an intelligent approach with an intuitive touch.

(Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday)




Valeria is currently studying to be a physical therapist while also working with the San Francisco 49ers. Her incredible hands paired with a thirst for knowledge have combined to make her an outstanding choice for finding the root of your problem and addressing it head on.