Danville Chiropractor Hates Blogging

As just some Chirorpactor in Danville I really want to know if it’s worth my time to blog. My SEO guy, who gives me an feverish, “YES!” in reply. I hate blogs… they always seemed like they are written in vague generalities. Either someone has way too much time on their hands, or they just hired a company to write blogs for them. Blogs either seem amateur and not up to date, or just clickbate.

So my goal with this blog, since I’m being forced to do it, is for it not to suck. I’ll try to have interesting insights about things that happened to me throughout the week. If I read a cool article, I’ll type something out. We’ll talk about successes we have in practice, and we’ll see where things go. What I won’t do is write about the 5 BEST superfoods that will keep YOU healthy in DANVILLE, CA this summer. Everyone knows that we should be eating avocado, bathing in coconut oil, and incorporating omega 3’s into every possible situation (can fish oil be used as a deodorant?)

I read this article to see if this ‘blogging” was a good idea:
Jury is still out. I might just post funny comics here. Who knows?

One of the most helpful things that can happen is if you want my opinion on something. In the comments, let me know if there’s anything that you are wondering about chiropractic, exercise, health or business. I am obviously a world renowned expert in all of these fields.

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