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Danville's Best Massage and Chiropractic Office

Neck and Back Pain Relief

Wellness Center in Danville, CA

Plaza Chiropractic and Massage Therapy offers massage, chiropractic and nutrition services, striving for a patient-first approach to relieving pain,stress and inflammation. Dr. Lippman has been serving Danville, San Ramon, Alamo, and the surrounding Tri-Valley, California area’s chiropractic needs with professionalism and excellence since 2010.

If you’re in pain, Plaza Chiropractic and Massage Therapy’s highly skilled and experienced massage therapists will work with you to relax your muscles and ease your discomfort. All of our massage therapists have at least a decade of experience.

Our Services

Plaza Chiropractic and Massage Therapy specializes in back pain, traffic collisions and sports injuries, as well as numerous other conditions, using methods that are safe and effective to address each patient’s specific needs. We accept most insurances and personal injury cases, and we strive to make every plan affordable, even for those without insurance coverage.

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Danville's Highest Rated Wellness Center! ★★★★★


  • Brad and Max are absolutely the best in healing all my body pains.
    Ann and Maria provide excellent massages.
    These team members go the extra distance to help people feel better.

    Tom M. Avatar
    Tom M.
  • Absolutely amazing experience. Staff was so kind and Dr. Lippman was professional and made the whole process easy. It was my first time seeing a chiropractor and I couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend this practice to anyone and everyone! You won’t be disappointed 😁

    ariel t. Avatar
    ariel t.
  • 5 star ratingDr. Max you are awesome! I teach cycling and have intense weekly workout routines. Dr. Max helped my back, shoulders, and neck realign back in shape. He's easy to talk to, very informative and the staff are amazing.

    Razia I. Avatar
    Razia I.
  • Max is and always has been the best. Very educated, extremely friendly and just downright cool. The office girls are super nice and helpful as well. I used to live in Walnut Creek and I’d still come all the way up to Blackhawk to see Max. He’s the only one I trust to be honest and take care of me ◡̈ highly recommend!

    AC. L. Avatar
    AC. L.
  • Dr Max and Dr Brad both are amazing! Their front desk staff are also very patient and accommodating. I have been seeing them for past couple years. Their expertise in adjustment made a great difference🙏🏻

    Sarah F. Avatar
    Sarah F.
  • Whether it is a long term injury or a sudden muscle spasm, the Doctors and Massage therapists at Plaza Chiropractic are always able to leave me feeling like a totally new person.

    Max, Brad, and Angela are wizards with their hands!

    Devin O. Avatar
    Devin O.
  • Dr max do amazing work, he like do the adjust. He work with you on price. He love the family and make you feel welcome. Also dog.

    Reynaldo N. Avatar
    Reynaldo N.
  • Dr. Max is not only hilarious and personable but talented and effective. I came to this practice with a shoulder problem that requires a total replacement. As I can't have this done for quite a few more years, Dr. Max was faced with helping me save my neck, back, and arm from the intense pain that has mounted over the last 13 years. Within the first 3 sessions, I am already feeling better relief in my neck, greater range of motion with my shoulder, and more satisfying neck cracks on my own! I highly recommend going to see Plaza Chiropractic for any challenge you may have as Dr. Max did what I thought was impossible!

    Devon C. Avatar
    Devon C.
  • I have been going to this place for the last 3 years and I highly recommend it. Dr. Max Lippman is very knowledgeable and kind. Best Chiropractor in the Bay Area!
    I also go for massages with Sigrid Kleinerman. She has many years of experience and knows how to release the tension in my muscles. I suffer of joins pain and, Sigrid and Dr. Lippman, know how to help me reduce and control the pain.
    Sigrid also assists my entire family, she is a great massage therapist. Thanks!!!

    Xiomara G. Avatar
    Xiomara G.
  • I just recently became a new patient of Dr Max and I cannot express enough how much he helped relieve my pain in just 2 visits! My main area of concern was severe nerve pain radiating in my right arm from the shoulder down to my elbow. It was excruciatingly painful... pain I’ve never experienced before ever! It started a few months ago and progressively got worse! I was taking 4-6 Advil a day it was the only thing that helped me to not wake up screaming out of a dead sleep at night! I am now taking about 1-2 a day and some days none at all as I am still experiencing some issues with the nerve pain. I also had upper back and neck pain from past car accident injuries that Dr Max helped me with. I am now able to get a decent night sleep and function properly throughout the day! Thank you Dr Max for helping relieve my pain to a much more manageable state! I highly recommend seeing him if you have any neck and back injuries or even nerve issues like I did! Also, I just want to mention how great all the staff is there as well! They are very welcoming and accommodating to your schedule!

    Cathy E. Avatar
    Cathy E.
  • Dr Maxx cracks me up!
    Well…I thought to make a witty first sentence 😅. In all seriousness, I have found an awesome chiropractor who listened to my pain and delivered the results in just one session.
    I was looking on yelp for a chiropractor to replace my other provider who didn’t really helped a lot. Because I was having a lingering back pain, that’s another sob story of what happened, I am so blessed and grateful to have found them. Now I’m sharing on here of my experience and anywhere else I can give this review.
    My back pain turned into a sciatica and I would have restless nights because I can’t get comfortable sleeping even with the treatments I’ve put myself into.
    Muscle relaxers, pain medication after pains medication, Dr Maxx help relieved it.
    I’m sad to leave the area but would definitely visit when I fly back to visit.
    I’ve also had massages with a couple of his staff, Valeria and Sigrid. Both are amazing therapists!
    If I can give an extra star for Bella, pictured here, for being such a good therapist also

    Marketing M. Avatar
    Marketing M.
  • My family has be going to Dr. Max Lippman for many years. He helps us to feel much better after his adjustment.

    Lily V. Avatar
    Lily V.
  • I received the best massage from Sigrid. She was able to address all my problem areas. She was very thorough, knowledgeable and like everyone in the office...she was very nice. I highly recommend you give Plaza Chiropractic and Massage a try! Awesome experience!

    Jennifer A. Avatar
    Jennifer A.
  • After feeling pain in my foot for more than a year and a half 2 x-rays and 3 physicians later I decided to give a Chiropractor a chance that’s when I found Dr. Maxwell I’ve seen him twice and I can tell my foot is about 90% healed. If in doubt do not hesitate to book an appointment with him he can work his magic to help you feel better. I’m so thankful I can trust him. Thank you Dr. Max!

    giorgia p. Avatar
    giorgia p.
  • Love going to this Chiropratic practice. No sales pitch or required x-rays. Dr. Max takes time to listen to you and discuss what he thinks you need. No ‘required’ appointments. I come in as I think I need to for adjustments and the massage service is fantastic!

    MGT Avatar
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